About HASCOM International Pty Ltd

HASCOM was started in 1995 and provides design, development and production services to the local electronics industry. Our area of most expertise is serial data protocols, two-way radio value added applications and rail road signals & communications applications.

Software Development

Software Development - HASCOM provides custom software development services to many customers in the two way radio data communications field. These range from messaging applications for MTP1327 trunked radio networks to user friendly configuration applications bundled by OEMs with their radio products.

Hardware Development

Hardware Development - Often software solutions by themselves are not sufficient to fulfil your data communications requirement. If there is not an off-the-shelf hardware platform to build a solution with, then you must design and build your own. HASCOM has been successfully designing and building custom hardware solutions to fill customer requirements for over 10 years.

PCB Layout & Design

PCB Layout & Design - HASCOM has significant experience in PCB design and manufacture. This has allowed us not only to develop our own line of products but also provide PCB design services to small businesses allowing them to develop their own hardware products at a significantly reduced cost. Even small production runs can be cost effective when using HASCOM to produce the design files for production.


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